Custom and personalised orders

If you see something you like, but would rather it was personalised to you, please contact us. We are pleased to work with you to create your perfect item. For example - if you would like a bandana to match your wedding colours. No problem, we can help.

Further, if you have an idea, share it with us & let us help you turn it into reality. We love trying out new things, so give us a go!

Will it arrive on time?

Some of our items are listed as custom made with longer 'ready to dispatch' estimates. These estimates are a WORST case scenario and so far we have been much quicker.
If you would like a custom item for an occasion and you are worried it won't arrive on time, get in touch. We will make sure your item is prioritised so that you have it in your hands when you need it.

I live in Europe. Can I still purchase from you?


We only ship to the UK, US, Canada and Australia from our website. However, you can find our full range of items in our Etsy Shop, from which we ship worldwide.

I would like to order a portrait. How do I send you my pictures?

The best place to send your picture is to our email - contact@giddingsgifts.com . This allows us to save them at their best quality and we will correspond with you via email with proofs of your portrait.

What pictures do you need for a portrait?

When choosing your pictures, there are a couple of things to consider, depending on which portrait you have opted for.

 For our cartoon style portraits, we ask for pictures that show your pet from the front and any that reflect your pet's personality, so that we can work out how best to portray them.

For the realistic portraits, we work directly from the photographs, so please keep this in mind when selecting your images. Photographs taken in daylight work best as they more accurately show us the colouring of your pet. Also, remember, there will be no background on your portrait, so consider if removing the context of the background will make the portrait seem odd. Photographs taken straight on and on the same level as your pet (rather than from above) look the best when turned into a portrait, but we do understand it can be tricky to take photos of wriggly pets - or source photos if it is for a surprise gift.

We will work with you and let you know if we require alternative pictures, so please don't worry. And if you have any concerns before purchasing, please contact us to discuss.