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Textile portraits available now

SAVE 40% on our harness collection

Packaged With love


Seriously one of the best makers I have ever encountered! They custom made the colors I needed for our wedding so incredibly quickly (and the shipping from the UK to the US took no time at all). The seller goes above and beyond to make sure you get exactly what you need. Excellent quality and communication. Highly recommend!



Most amazing collar for a dog I have ever seen! It is so beautiful and really well made. The quality is very good and the size fits perfectly!!



Okay this is actually the CUTEST thing in the entire world. It is beyond perfect!! 10/10 would recommend. The quality is amazing and you can adjust the sizing using the buttons.



These bandannas are easily in the top 5 favorite parts of our wedding. Our boys looked SO handsome. They fit great! We were excited to see multiple snaps, it allowed room for the bandanna to go over another collar.



These cards are just too funny! Love that they offer complimentary personalization inside the card - so appreciative of that, because my handwriting isn't the best! Can't wait to see my dad's face when he sees this card!